This Way of Christ

Today’s Christianity is a far cry from the ministry of Jesus as found in the Bible. It is founded on organizations, creeds, extra-biblical doctrines, and traditions of men, while not having the Spirit of the Father and Almighty God.

Therefore, I have chosen not to follow Christianity – I will follow Christ!

The sum of the whole message of the Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ is that one and all are to follow the Savior, Christ Jesus the Messiah. It is only through Him that we can be reunited with our Creator.

Following Christ and following Christianity are not the same thing. Christ is the messenger of God, sent to show us the way, and be the sacrifice for our sins. Christianity is a religion based on the life and teaching of Christ. Christianity was created by Rome. The infamous Rome… who killed the Savior, killed most of His disciples, tortured and killed many of the early church, destroyed the Jewish temple. Are we to believe that Rome could be the messenger of the Good News? No! The created a state religion and used it to control the people. And they used the strength of Rome (yes, think army) to force their control. Countless millions have been killed by Rome and the Roman church for opposing their monopoly.

The doctrine of the triune God was formulated and voted on by Roman counsels almost four hundred years after Christ. The iron fist of Rome enforced the authority of the Roman State Church and it’s doctrines. Anyone who opposed it was subject to prison or death. This is not the ministry of our Savior.

The Roman State Church form of Christianity gave birth to the Protestant movement. Its interpretations of many doctrines got so bad, even its own priest exposed the errors. Protestantism as a branch in the tree of Christianity began to produce its own divisions and differences. Christianity has become extremely divided. This is not the way of Christ.

Christianity is the religion of the ‘Western’ culture. Riches and the desire to spread their religion was the motivation of the colonist expansion. The colonist followed in the ways of Rome to invade and conquer. Many people, mostly indigenous, lost their lives and property (death or slavery) because of greed and motivation to spread their religious. This is not the way of Christ.

Christ is the hope and way of all who will draw dear to the living God. All who call upon Him are accepted when they seek in sincerity and faith. Religion offers a form of godliness while denying the power. Faith must be lived. My prayer is that you will find the way of Christ.

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