The Key to Understanding

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and you will receive. The understanding of spiritual things is hidden to the mind of the earthly inhabitants. They revel in their knowledge and profess their understanding, but the spiritual truths elude their grasp. Think of trying to instruct a pig in […]

This Way of Christ

Today’s Christianity is a far cry from the ministry of Jesus as found in the Bible. It is founded on organizations, creeds, extra-biblical doctrines, and traditions of men, while not having the Spirit of the Father and Almighty God. Therefore, I have chosen not to follow Christianity – I will follow Christ! The sum of […]


Seeking understanding, they turn to logic to explain the spiritual. Having neither the spirit nor the heart of God, they spew speculation that further divides and dilutes truthful understanding. Because the true and wholesome Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ is not popular, they create their own; saying “You shall not surely die, […]