Seek the Lord while He may be found.

The highest hope for any person is to be reunited with our Creator.

Mankind has been separated from our Maker because of our disobedience. We can be reunited with Him through the gift of Christ. Accepting and following Christ Jesus, we are cleansed of our past to walk in new life.

Religion can not save. It’s only real value is to teach and show the way to the Savior. Today’s churches focus more on promoting themselves, their doctrines and what they are doing. The believer must beware. Many have spent years in church and have a form of godliness – but do not have a relationship with the true and living God.

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Christianity Does Not Save

Christ saves.

Christ is the hope of humanity. Only through Him can we be re-united with our Creator (saved).

The Christianity religion was started by Rome and loosely follows the words and examples of Christ the Savior.

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America in the Bible

America holds an infamous place in the Bible. Few find her in scripture. Most quickly reject she could have a dark side. All the world loves the Beast.

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The Nature of Christ

Who is this man named Jesus.

World-ruling Nations Biblical Timeline

Heavenly dreams and visions recorded in Daniel and Revelation tell of things to come. Unraveling the mystery.

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Exploring Revelation

Many prophecies have been completed.

Parallels in Creation

A look into the parables of creation.

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