I have seen an evil in religion

Religion becomes the whited tomb. Outside looks good, but inside are dead bones.

Ritual and doctrines of men become the focus, while hearts are far from God and they have not the Spirit.

Religion is the golden calf – they worship the works of their own hands.

The leaders have become proud boaster fleecing the sheep, while the sheep spiritually starve and are helpless.

There is One who was sent to save, the Lord Jesus. He is the Door. Learn of Him. Read the Bible. As you learn you will find there are many opinions, keep your focus and pray. Seek Him in sincerity and you will find peace.

The light shines in darkness to those who have found the way. Those who walk in the steps of the Lord, who have died to self to rise new in the Spirit.

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. But you must take care! – there is much evil in the world, and many traps – walk in the light and the way will be safety.

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