America Tears Itself Apart

America Tears Itself Apart

America Tears Itself Apart.
The internal pressures are building to where the binding forces can no longer contain general social unity. Tears are appearing in the fabric of the nation, and without a unified effort, critical social components will fail.

The Key to Understanding

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and you will receive. The understanding of spiritual things is hidden to the mind of the earthly inhabitants. They revel in their knowledge and profess their understanding, but the spiritual truths elude their grasp. Think of trying to instruct a pig in […]

This Way of Christ

Today’s Christianity is a far cry from the ministry of Jesus as found in the Bible. It is founded on organizations, creeds, extra-biblical doctrines, and traditions of men, while not having the Spirit of the Father and Almighty God. Therefore, I have chosen not to follow Christianity – I will follow Christ! The sum of […]


Seeking understanding, they turn to logic to explain the spiritual. Having neither the spirit nor the heart of God, they spew speculation that further divides and dilutes truthful understanding. Because the true and wholesome Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ is not popular, they create their own; saying “You shall not surely die, […]

I have seen an evil in religion

Religion becomes the whited tomb. Outside looks good, but inside are dead bones. Ritual and doctrines of men become the focus, while hearts are far from God and they have not the Spirit. Religion is the golden calf – they worship the works of their own hands. The leaders have become proud boaster fleecing the […]

America in the Bible

It’s well know that America follows a model set by Rome. The comparison has been made many times. In addition to it’s political and social similarities, there are also lineage ties. America is an extension of European people. Europe and it’s people were the center of Rome. The Roman church still headquarters there. So what’s […]

Christianity Does Not Save

Who saves? Christ. Christianity is, in its most basic sincere application, a representative of the Bible and teachings of Christ. OK, good up to that point. Now the problems… Jesus taught us to avoid religion. Yes it’s true. When people fall into religious tradition and ritual, they lose sincerity and conviction. As it’s written, Woe […]

His Word is Beauty and Power

The Bible is deep and rich, a treasure to be explored.It is our manual for life and final measure.A light to guild and a sure foundation.Feast and fill yourself. Grow in strength, wisdom, and faith.God bless your journey to learn His Word and live in the Spirit.